Communication and dissemination strategy of the CONSOLE project
Currently, one of the most important elements when carrying out a project is the communication and dissemination process. In the
Forum for the Future of Agriculture is held in Brussels.
Every spring (since 2007) the annual conference of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture is held in Brussels. The
SMARTCHAIN is another of CONSOLE's sister projects that we would like to publicize on our blog. The SMARTCHAIN main objective
Report on clustering with other projects -draft
In this post of the CONSOLE project blog we want to provide valuable information about how the project is developed.
EC will be reduced pesticides by 2030 to protect bees and biodiversity
The European Commission (EC) aims to halve the use of pesticides by 2030 with the goal of halting the decline
Guidelines for Community of Practice
Now, you can check the Deliverable 5.1 on the CONSOLE website. (Document pending the approval of the European Commission) Deliverable
EFFECT project
One of the objectives of the CONSOLE project is to publicize and establish relationships with all those projects that have
EUREKA project
Today's publication related to CONSOLE's sister project is aimed at raising awareness of the EUREKA project.
CONSOLE project and the provision of public goods
The CONSOLE project focuses on promoting agriculture and forestry delivery of public Agri-Environmental-Climate Goods (hereafter AECPG) through the development of
The importance of Agri-Environment Schemes
Several pressures as population growth, industrial activities and the increase of intensive agriculture from the twentieth century have considerably increased