Contracts 2.0

Sister Project: Contracts 2.0

If there is any project that is closely related to the CONSOLE project, it is the Contracts 2.0 project.

What is Contracts 2.0 project?

Contracts 2.0 is a European Union (H2020) funded project that works on contractual solutions that provide the right incentives to farmers and land managers to produce more environmental public goods, but will also allow them to reconcile the profitability of their farms with the objectives of sustainability.

According to Contracts 2.0, many farmers currently struggle to maintain the economic viability of their farms, facing serious trade-offs between short-term profitability and sustainable production. And to reduce compensation, better contract-based approaches are urgently needed to provide tangible support to farmers through additional public and private incentives to produce a mix of public and private goods that better reflects society’s preferences.


Contracts 2.0 Kick – Off Meeting (Berlín, Germany)


Contracts 2.0 objective

According to the mentioned, the main objective of Contracts 2.0 is to develop novel contract-based approaches to incentivize farmers to increase the provision of environmental public goods alongside private goods.

Newly developed contract-based approaches should be more environmentally efficient, economically viable for farmers and support the duration of contractual agreements.


The project is being developed by 27 partners from public and private entities from all over Europe, coordinated by Bettina Matzdorf (Zalf), where representative case studies are being developed.

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