RECAP holds in Serbia its sixth consortium meeting


Feeding more than 7,000 million people in the world (Woldmeter) has become a challenging task for the governments of the world, trying to increase the productivity of agricultural spaces.

However, the increase in agricultural activity has caused several damages to the environment.

The European Union is aware of this fact, and has promoted a project that seeks increased productio

RECAP holds in Serbia its sixth consortium meeting

RECAP holds in Serbia its sixth consortium meeting

n through sustainable and economically viable solutions through the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

EU farmers must comply with cross compliance rules, regulations and legislative obligations to receive payments. Failure by farmers to comply with the rules can lead to the reduction or even the cancellation of their agricultural aid and rural development payments.

In this circumstance, the CONSOLE sister project RE.CAP was born, which aims to develop improved remote monitoring of CAP obligations and complementing the inspection procedures in the field, eliminating several of the affected loads.

In addition, RE.CAP will offer farmers a tool that will help them comply with the regulations imposed by the CAP, personalized information to simplify the interpretation of complex regulations and early alerts on possible non-conformities. RETRIEVE agricultural consultants to access the data available on the platform, subject to security and privacy policies, and develop their own services within the platform using design tools, libraries and communication with the database under an open approach.

Therefore, RE.CAP increases the efficiency and transparency of the procedures of public authorities when implementing CAP. It offers personalized services to farmers for better compliance with CC standards and enables the development of new value-added services by agricultural consultants through the combination of remote satellite sensors and user-generated data on one platform.

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