Flemish nature management plan
Summary Different owners and managers develop common and differentiated management goals for their respective territories for developing sustainable nature and
International-Rural-Womens Day
On December 18th, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly established October 15th as the International Day of Rural Women. Today,
The agriculture sector is struggling with one of the biggest challenges in history. The increase in temperatures (between 1.4 ºC
The Humus-Program of the Ökoregion Kaindorf
Summary The Humus-Program of the "Ökoregion Kaindorf" is a contract solution developed for voluntary trading of CO2 certificates: Based on
How is the European Union dealing with climate change?
Climate change is a global problem, since it affects - with greater or lesser aggressiveness - all regions of the
Building natural flood management knowledge and capacity in Wensleydale
Summary The Wensleydale CSFF network was set up in April 2017 by a group of 29 farmers with a common
New EU forestry strategy for 2030
The Union's forests cover 158 million hectares (5% of the world's forest area). In total, forests cover 37.7% of the
Program “Flowering meadows” - contracts for protection of biodiversity and water resources by regular mowing of meadows
Summary The program “Flowering meadows” has been introduced in 2011 by the Żywiec Zdrój S.A. company (one of the largest
The European Commission with the aim of building sustainable food systems together will hold an annual meeting of stakeholders to
Green Deal Dutch Soy
Summary The Green Deal Dutch Soy is a contract between national government, regional governments, a soy processer / feed producer,