EU and US agriculture managers face each other over the role of innovation in sustainable agriculture
It is clear that the objectives of the agricultural sector in the United States and in the European Union are
Summer crops in many parts of Europe have benefited from well-distributed rainfall and relatively few periods of heat, according to
Today, in the CONSOLE project we want to present another of the sister projects.The LIVERUR project pays special attention to
Example of pollinators cards
From the CONSOLE project we want to congratulate the European Union in its effort to create activities such as "Meet
The Ministers of Agriculture of the European Union held a meeting yesterday, July 21, in which the following topics were
Today there will be a meeting of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the European Union (EU). It will
Excalibur project
Don't be scared. We are sure that when you have seen the word “Excalibur” in our Brother Projects section, you
Accelerating Transformation to Achieve the 2030 Agenda: Nature-Based Solutions for People and Planet
The United Nations Environment Program is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent
Olive diseases, an environmental and economic problem
One of the concerns of the European Union is the health of olive groves, which are found especially in southern
AGFOSY Project
From the CONSOLE project we are delighted to present the AGFOSY Project. AGFOSY is an Erasmus + strategic partnership project