Olive orchards within the framework of the CONSOLE Project
The olive grove is one of the most important crops in Europe, representing almost 70% of the total world production
Report on European in-depth case studies
On the CONSOLE project website, we want to highlight one of the deliverables that should be consulted by any stakeholder.
Summary The program “Podkarpacki Naturalny Wypas” was established in 2012 as a public initiative, in order to preserve, protect and
Kromme Rijn Collective management
Summary Collective implementation of agri-environmental management has been started up throughout the Netherlands since 2016. After individual management had proven
Your participation is important for the CONSOLE project
Both the blog post as in the social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) of the CONSOLE project, we want
Summary The project aimed at establishing good practical examples of win-win measures for agricultural producers in water management for the
Incentives for collective reservoirs
Summary The measure has been programmed in the RDP for the 2007 - 2013 and supports the construction of collective
How to do better research by looking beyond
If you have browsed through the CONSOLE project website, you will know that we have not only developed Case Studies
BurrenLife Project
Summary Due to the unique landscape, farmers in this region face many environmental challenges which the traditional agri-environmental schemes do
The secrets of the success of the CONSOLE website
This time on the CONSOLE project blog we want to tell you the secrets of the website's success in the