How to cluster with other sister projects

The deliverable 7.2. title “Report on clustering with other projects” (Six-Month Draft version) provides information on the coordination with sister projects financed under the theme RUR03. This deliverable has been developed by the partners of UNIBO.

In particular, this document lists the actions carried out during the first 6 months of project activities to establish contacts and promote coordination with the EFFECT and CONTRACTS2.0 project, as well as the main points agreed up to month 6 with the other projects.

Activities carried out in the M1-M6 period to support coordination among projects

To achieve connection, communication and information exchange, the CONSOLE project partners have taken the first steps:

  • First contacts between project coordinators and facilitation of connections between partners working in the same country;
  • Update on deliverables and planned activities;
  • Reciprocal participation of the coordinators in the ABs of the other projects;
  • Joint outreach activities, including a lunch seminar at the EU Commission, at least one organized session at a major academic event, consideration of a joint special issue for a journal;
  • Connection and dissemination of information through website and social media.

As well as a series of activities:

  • Face-to-face meeting at the Coordinators’ day organized on June 6, 2019 in Brussels, between the 3 project coordinators and with the person in charge of policies;
  • A Skype meeting on 23 September 2019 to fine-tune reciprocal initiatives and prepare for the next meeting in Brussels;
  • Face-to-face meeting on the morning of October 16, 2019 in Brussels, between the 3 coordinators of the project;
  • Physical meeting on the afternoon of October 16, 2019 in Brussels, on the occasion of the presentation of the 3 projects to the staff of DG AGRi; Participants include the coordinators, the two project managers and the policy officer, three members of DG Agri staff.

Main activities and coordination strategies

In the deliverable, you will also be able to find the general coordination strategies (Section 3), the adjustment of the case studies, the dissemination events (seminars, workshops and conferences), coordination and research activities, etc.; that will allow you to know clearly and easily the focus of our project.

In summary, we encourage you to consult deliverable D7.2. to know our relationship with other sister projects through strategies and activities in connection and dissemination. These are actions that we are constantly carrying out, to maintain the exchange of knowledge and experiences; and, with it, enrich mutual knowledge.

And don’t forget that you can leave us your comments about this and other deliverables that are always at your disposal on the CONSOLE project website.


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