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Sisters projects: EFFECT

One of the objectives of the CONSOLE project is to publicize and establish relationships with all those projects that have the same field of work.

Among these sister projects, we cannot forget the EFFECT project, whose main objective is to reconcile the private benefits of farmers from agriculture and public environmental and climatic goods.


The project is made up of 7 work packages (WPs), in which involve specific competences, but closely connected and equally essential to achieve our objectives.


The EFFECT project is formed by 19 partners from different countries, as well as from different fields of specialization, but with a balanced set of skills.

Effect project partners
EFFECT project Partners

Academic and professional organizations participate, which have an ideal team to achieve the objectives and problems established by the project.

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2 thoughts on “Sisters projects: EFFECT

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  2. Kaj Granholm

    Hi, I represent the Finnish non-profit BSAG which is hosting the Carbon Action multi-actor platform (carbonaction.org) for carbon farming research, training and advocacy. One of the projects on the platform is EU LIFE CarbonFarmingScheme which is mapping prerequisites and preferences for incentives from both the private market and the CAP for the Commissions future carbon market legislation (https://www.st1.com/st1-life/news-and-updates). Another focus of my work is private market (value chain / financial market) driven mechanisms for increased environmental performance.

    I see that CONSOLE (and CONSOLE 2.0) and EFFECT project have reviewed relevant contract examples and assessed preferable contract conditions for public good outcomes many of which could be paralleled with the objective of increasing agricultural carbon sinks.

    So, I would be looking for an opportunity to learn (in consolidated form) about your findings and interview your key experts in particular concerning the following topics:
    1. Long term public contracts for environmental outcomes (incl. carbon sequestration) and payment to farmer in arable agriculture; (farmers’ and regulators’ perspectives).
    2. Locally adapted pooled contracts for scaled environmental outcomes.
    3. Private value-chain based schemes (including finance and insurance sector).
    4. Private financing of green infrastructure investments.

    To start, I would be thankful for being directed to the best possible sources (amongst your project outputs) for these lessons and results (which reports, which cases in particular), and to be connected with a person / person(s) who could summarize the main findings related to my topics of interest.

    If this is extra work for you/the person to be interviewed outside your allocated time for the project, I am prepared to pay a small fee as compensation.

    I would prefer to have this information and contacts within November, but I can be flexible if needed.

    Looking forward to further cooperation!

    tel +358 46 85 09 208


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