Guidelines for Community of Practice

D 5.1 Guidelines for Community of Practice (CoP)

Now, you can check the Deliverable 5.1 on the CONSOLE website. (Document pending the approval of the European Commission)

Deliverable D 5.1 is titled “Guidelines for Community of Practice (CoP) management at local level” The Community of Practice (CoP) is foreseen to play a key role in boosting innovation in the effective and long-lasting delivery of Agri-Environmental-Climate Public Goods (AECPGs).

The CONSOLE CoP will be organized around practitioners experienced in the provision of AECPGs and those interested in it and will be nourished throughout the project lifetime.

The CoP is defined as a Group of People (the Community) who share a common interest and who learn how to perform better through regular interaction and exchange of experiences.

So, the idea is to set up a pan-European CoP with national and/or local (regional) sub-groups managed by the CONSOLE partners with the aim of developing improved and novel contract solutions in collaboration with its members.

This document sets out:

  1.  the purpose and objectives of the CoP in CONSOLE,
  2.  the setting up and management of the CoP at European, national and local level,
  3.  the process for motivating individuals to participate.

You can download the Deliverable by clicking the following button.


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