In this section, you can download all the relevant information to the CONSOLE project.

Protocol for data collection ready to use. CONSOLE MS4 Guidelines for the basic description of contract solutions which aim at the delivery of agri-environmental- climate public goods by agriculture and forestry
Deliverable 1.1Preliminary framework
Deliverable 1.2Identification of potencial improved solutions
Deliverable 1.3Deliverable D1.3 Practice abstract on a framework for

AECPG contract design – Intermediate (M15)
Deliverable 2.1Catalogue of descriptive factsheets of all European case studies
Deliverable 2.2Catalogue of case studies beyond CONSOLE

After amendment title: D2.2 Draft report on experiences from outside the EU
Deliverable 2.3Report on European in-depth case studies
Deliverable 2.4Report on WP2 lessons learned
Deliverable 2.5EIP-AGRI abstract on current experience and existing initiatives on collective, result-based and value chain solutions for AECPG provision
Deliverable 5.1.Guidelines for Community of Practice (CoP) management at local level
Deliverable 5.2Guidelines for testing the solutions catalogue by Community of Practice and partners
Deliverable 6.1Project Website
Deliverable 6.5Dissemination and Communication Strategy
Deliverable 6.6Dissemination and Communication Strategy (2nd Draft)
Deliverable 7.2Report on clustering with other project - draft
NoteNew elements in the post-2022 CAP to foster the provision of
environmental goods and services and for climate action
Paper as the result of a collaboration between the two sister projects EFFECT and CONSOLEEco-schemes a core element of the new green architecture of the CAP - what can farmers and nature get out of it?
Insights from 15 countries.