HAMSTER – Collective AECM to restore habitats of the European Hamster in Alsace (France)
Summary The collective AECM Hamster_01 was introduced in 2014 in the territorial Agri- Environment-Climatic Plan (PAEC) “Great Hamster of Alsace”
Projects on Public Goods in Agriculture and Forestry areas
The primary activity is the only economic sector that offer products and also offer other goods that improve the quality
Water protection bread
Summary In TUOHI, the contract solutions include private investments in the jointly owned forest forms of investing money or forest
The Bioeconomy in economic literature: looking back, looking ahead
Again on the CONSOLE website blog, we disseminate a research publications carried out by CONSOLE partners authors: Davide Viaggi, Fabio
Water protection bread
Summary The initiative called "water protection bread (Wasserschutzbrot)" is led by the government of Lower Franconia and has started in
The reform of agricultural subsidies from a health, climate and economic perspective
On several occasions, from the CONSOLE project web platform, we have made known the advances reflected in the scientific articles,
Natural Flood Management in the River Swale catchment in Yorkshire
Summary The Swaledale CSFF group was one of the first to be set up in the UK and has benefited
A New Year, A great opportunity
The New Year is a time to take stock. The border between December 31 and January 1 may be symbolic
Bio-Babalscy – organic pasta chain preserving old varieties of cereals
Summary The initiative of Bio-Babalscy company represents a case of the integrated value chain, and is an example of the