Draft Framework

Author/ s: Davide Viaggi, Nidhi Raina;  Stefano Targetti.

Filiation: ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – Università di Bologna

Contributors: Schaller L., Blanco Velazquez F. J., Paillard H., Runge T., De

Geronimo G., Eichhorn T., Delaunay S., Langlais-Hesse A.


This document reports on the Draft framework for the provision of AECPGs developed in the CONSOLE project. The report illustrates the characteristics and draft contents of the framework, including first solutions to make it usable in a decision-making context and first online implementation.

This task will focus on developing parts a) and b) of the framework, i.e., respectively the catalogue showcasing existing successful experiences and good practices and improved AECPGs contracts solutions. Using task 1.1. as a conceptual basis this task will take stock of information basis arising from tasks 2.1, in order to develop a draft part a) of the framework; based on this it will develop a range of improved contract solutions to meet the objectives of the project and build up part b) of the framework. These will be fed and refined during the task benefiting of additional results from the tasks 2.2, 2.3 and intermediate lessons learned in task 2.5. This will be done through a framing and structuring workshop (WEU1.1), including the invitation of key external experts and stakeholders. The outcome of this task will feed task 1.3 and WP3.

This document is part of CONSOLE’s WP1 which focuses on the development of the AECPG contractual framework, including model contracts, which is at the core of the project, through a deep involvement of the relevant Community of Practice (discussed in WP5). This work package aims to produce a consolidated report wherein the inputs from other WPs will be incorporated in a process of co- constructed knowledge accumulation and operationalization.


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