Nature value bargaining (Luonnonarvokauppa)
Summary The “Nature value bargaining” was tested during METSO pilot programme 2002-2007. The aim was to operationalize markets for biodiversity
LIFE: Projects to improve the environment
An investment of more than 110 million of euros is the latest approval of the European Commission in the projects
Forest conversion from coniferous to deciduous stands - an eco-account case
Summary The main focus of this initiative is to increase the percentage of deciduous trees through reforestation, forest restructuring and
Organic agriculture is a production system that, through the rational management of natural resources, without the use of chemical synthesis
Environmental improvement across a whole catchment: Esk Valley
Summary The network covers the whole catchment and 30% of the land area is farmed by Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund
In Europe, we are in luck because the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) has turned 60 at a turbulent time for
Top Farms Group – cooperation in the supply chain in
Summary Cooperation within the "Symbiotic Model" between the Top Farms Group as a leading entity and partner family farms generates
Farmers as Custodian of a Territory
Summary This type of contract compensates farmers for external activities to their farm production.The contract type has changed over time.
Expert Missions EU
Today the European Commission launched a call for experts to join the five Mission Boards, with the function of advising