Final report on experiences from outside the EU

D2.7 Final report on experiences from outside the EU

Author/ s:

  • Targetti S., Raina N., Viaggi D. (UNIBO)
  • Eichorn T., Schaller L.L., Kantelhardt J. (BOKU)
  • Kurttila M. (LUKE)



The deliverable D2.7 aims to collect and select the most promising and successful contracts for AECPGs that could add new and interesting perspectives for application in the EU and feed into WP2. The goal is to build a catalogue of examples implemented in different socio-economic, legal, and cultural contexts by selecting case studies from different parts of the world. The main countries considered were Australia, the USA, Canada, and Africa, but further examples from other countries are also envisaged, including European countries not covered by the CONSOLE consortium. The search has collected an overall 68 documents that were selected to build a list and develop an analysis of solutions. After that in-depth analysis of a selection of case studies from the collected list of examples was done to highlight essential suggestions for the design of improved schemes and show critical factors for success. Several examples concern agricultural contexts that differ from the EU (e.g., subsistence farming). That can reduce the transferability of the lessons learned in the EU, but ideas and pathways for solutions to improve the efficiency of AES designed are highlighted. Also, given the relevance attributed to carbon farming (e.g., in the Farm to Fork Strategy), this document systematically reviews carbon farming schemes across the globe and highlights a range of different case studies.


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