Your participation is important for the CONSOLE project

Your participation is important for the CONSOLE project

Both the blog post as in the social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) of the CONSOLE project, we want to pay tribute to all those people who make it possible for our project to be a success

On previous occasions we have defined what the Community of Practice (CoP) is and how important it is; which is represented by those actors who are involved in the project (farmers and foresters, experts, project partners, representatives of public administrations, etc.).

Its objective is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and mutual learning, based on the principle of reciprocity. As described in Deliverable 5.1. it is about << ensuring sound management and facilitation of the CoP by all CONSOLE partners in order to optimize the contributions of CoP members in project activities >>.

Because the development of an efficient CoP requires the promotion of exchanges, taking into account the interests and needs of the stakeholders involved and encouraging them to share their experience.

And all of this will be done through dedicated training activities to ensure the major transition to smarter AECPGs practices in Europe.

We encourage you to check Deliverable 5.1. where, in addition, we specify all the tasks, activities and communication channels that allow us to achieve the planned objectives.


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