LIAISON is an EU-funded ‘research and innovation’ project


As every Wednesday, in the CONSOLE project we want to present another sister project.

On this occasion we present the LIAISON project. This is an EU-funded “research and innovation” project that aims to help unlock the potential of “partnering for innovation” in agriculture, forestry and rural business.

The project is being developed by a multidisciplinary team of academics and professionals from 17 entities in 15 countries.

LIAISON consortium partners

This LIAISON website offers a window on their joint work between May 2018 and August 2021.

It is about optimizing the mixed groups of farmers, foresters and other stakeholders that aim to develop joint innovative solutions because they aim to address the economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges facing your farms and us as a society.

LIAISON has a highly interactive work program that is based on the participation of the consortium’s diversity of partners and your network of associated stakeholders, such as Rural Innovation Ambassadors, macro-regional stakeholders and our Project Advisory Group.

Together with relevant stakeholders, they develop a shared, but versatile, conceptual framework for analyzing and evaluating innovation and change processes in agriculture, forestry, rural business, and initiatives.

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