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AGFOSY Project


From the CONSOLE project we are delighted to present the AGFOSY Project.

AGFOSY is an Erasmus + strategic partnership project and is funded by the EU (The AGFOSY project has been funded with support from the European Commission, with reference number 2018-1-CZ01-KA202-048153).

The AGFOSY project is carried out by a consortium of seven partners from six different countries, they are working together to raise awareness and promote Agroforestry measures across Europe.

The AGFOSY project partners in Toulouse meeting, France on May 23 – 24th.
The AGFOSY project partners in Toulouse meeting, France on May 23 – 24th.

About the project

Agroforestry is defined as a land use system where woody vegetation grows in association with agricultural crops or livestock on the same land.

Thus, this combination increases the diversity of agricultural production, reduces farmers’ dependence on a crop, and provides many important environmental services (reduced soil erosion, water conservation, maintenance of soil fertility, conservation of biodiversity, etc.).

In addition, Agroforestry provides solutions to different problems, such as income diversification, unemployment and ecological services.

This system provides a wide range of services, making it possible to contribute to sustainable growth and mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Most importantly, Agroforestry helps to achieve the objectives of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as the shift towards a low carbon and resilient economy in agriculture. In addition, Agroforestry leads to diversifying income and increasing productivity.

The project will be developed mainly in the north and center of continental Europe and looks for new systems that fit or help solve the specific collectivization heritage of Eastern Europe: large fields, treeless landscapes, etc.

From the CONSOLE project we are looking forward to hearing the results of your research.

Visit the AGFOSY website

You can get more information about the AGFOSY project by clicking on the following button.

EUREKA project


Today’s publication related to CONSOLE‘s sister project is aimed at raising awareness of the EUREKA project.

The main objective of the EUREKA project (https://h2020eureka.eu/) is to strengthen the EU agricultural knowledge base by co-creating the ‘network to connect all multi-stakeholder H2020 projects’, to explore the feasibility of creating a modular database of useful results.

EUREKA project partners

EUREKA project partners

This project started in January 2020, and is made up of 21 partners from 15 states in Europe who will develop an open source electronic platform called FarmBook.

FarmBook focuses on the specific needs of stakeholders and seeks to improve the exchange between different user groups (project partners and farmers, consultants, scientists, decision makers). Best practices for joint creation and knowledge transfer of current research projects will be used to improve future ones.


H2020 EUREKA Project Presentation