Report on clustering with other project - draft

Report on clustering with other project – draft

Author/ s: Davide Viaggi, Nidhi Raina;  Stefano Targetti.

Filiation: ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – Università di Bologna

Contributors: Schaller L., Blanco Velazquez F. J., Paillard H., Runge T., De Geronimo G., Eichhorn T., Delaunay S., Langlais-Hesse, A.


This document is a guide for practitioners to support the design of initiatives for the provision of agri-environmental-climate public goods (AECPGs) by agriculture and forest, focusing on the consideration of four contract characteristics: land tenure prescriptions, result-based payments, collective provisions, and value chain contracts.

The document is intended as an entry point to support contract design. It starts from the whole picture of contract design based on local needs, illustrates simplified model contracts, and then provides simple illustrations of decision trees supporting the decision-making process.

This document is a short and concise version of the report D1.4 that describes the Draft framework for the provision of AECPGs developed in the CONSOLE project and represents the draft version of a complete design guide. References to D1.4 are made through the text of this short guide to indicate where more details can be found for each design topic.

This version of the document is intended as a draft to test its usefulness through task 5.2 activities of CONSOLE. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome, particularly on model contracts and decision trees in sections 3, 4, and 5.


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