Case Study: ALMO – alpine oxen meat from Austria


Under the ALMO brand, a meat processing company, a foundation for animal welfare, and 400 farmers, organised in an association and managing alpine pastures around the Austrian Teichalm and Sommeralm, work together to produce and market alpine oxen with higher animal welfare standards.


  1. Marketing of oxen meat from alpine pastures in Austria
  2. Preservation of alpine/mountain pastures by grazing.
  3. Secure economic viability of the farmers in the Almenland region.
  4. Secure high animal health and welfare standards in oxen meat production.

Public Goods

Farm animal health and welfare
Landscape and scenery
Rural viability and vitality
ALMO landscape
ALMO landscape

Problem description

Due to the rapidly increasing motorization in agriculture, the ox has long since been replaced as a draft animal. The domestic demand for ox meat was not significant, so the only way out was to export the Alpine oxen via trading companies with subsidies, in some cases as far as North Africa. In 1988 the idea of founding a brand was born. The ox farmers wanted to produce quality oxen on their alpine pastures for the Austrian market.

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