4th project meeting

Today start the 4th Console project meeting

Today begins the fourth meeting on the CONSOLE project.

But again, the meeting is being held as a conference call to replace the originally planned fourth project meeting in Warsaw that could not be executed due to restrictions caused by COVID-19.

The 4th project meeting will check advances in farmers survey (T3.2) and starting of stakeholders surveys (T3.3); advances in modelling (T4.2-T4.5) and framework development (T1.3) and launch of testing of the framework (T5.2); during the meeting, a survey & modelling workshop will be run to fine tune coordination between tasks 4.1 and 4.2-4.5 as well as discussing connections between WP3 and WP4, and both of them with the draft framework. The testing and training activities will be a special focus of the meeting as they will be a focal point of the next year of activity. After the meeting, ground-truth testing (T5.2) and connected training (T5.3) will start and run in parallel to the remaining WP3 and 4 activities, as well as to the step by step improvement of the framework in task 1.3.”




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