Example of pollinators cards

Know your pollinators

From the CONSOLE project we want to congratulate the European Union in its effort to create activities such as “Meet your pollinators” It is an activity where, through the use of cards, the user (e.g. family) will get to know and become familiar with the main pollinators.

Example of pollinators cards

Example of pollinators cards

We all know the role of pollinators in assisting plant reproduction. In Europe, pollinators are mainly insects, but we need the wind for cereal crops. Bees and flying flies are first on the list, but butterflies, moths, some beetles, and other flying insects are also important.
There are thousands of different types of wild pollinators in Europe, all with important work to do. However, the number of wild pollinators is decreasing in Europe.

A negative land management, as such, as  sprawling cities, pollution, pesticides, non-native species, and climate change is hurting these animals. Some species could become extinct.

Therefore, we need to take care of all pollinators for a healthy environment for ourselves and the rest of nature.

Above all, pollinators allow us to eat many of our favourite fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Approximately four out of five species of crop plants and wildflowers use animal pollination. Farmers depend on insects to produce many different types of crops that we need for a balanced diet.

But we must understand that the environment also depends on pollinators. Thanks to them, wild plants can reproduce and provide fruits and seeds as food for other animals such as birds. Some wild plants have even evolved to function with only one or a few types of pollinator species. Without the right insects to help them reproduce, they will also disappear.

The more pollinators we have, the more wildlife we ​​can have around us and the more our gardens and landscapes will flourish.


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