Guidelines for the basic description of contract solutions

Guidelines for description of contract solutions

Dear friends.

Among the main objectives of the CONSOLE project we have set out to publicize our goals and how we intend to achieve them.

Among our premises we have a space reserved for the clarity of everything and each one of the steps we take.

For this reason, in today’s Post we are going to present the “Guidelines for the basic description of contract solutions which aim at the delivery of Agri-environmental-climate public goods by agriculture and forestry

This is a guiding document for collecting data on existing European contractual solutions that aim to deliver an Agri – environment and Climate Public Goods by agriculture and forestry.

Therefore, the document has the structure of a questionnaire with an open question, to be answered qualitatively through literature, open source information and / or expert talks. The document represents the first (publishable) part of CONSOLE MS4 “Ready-to-use Data Collection Protocol“.

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2 thoughts on “Guidelines for description of contract solutions

  1. Katrin

    I couldn’t actually download the ‘Guidelines for basic description…’ – could you please check the link works?

    1. EVENOR - TECH Post author

      Dear Katrin
      Thank you very much for the comment. It seems that the link was broken. We have fixed the issue. For anything else, do not hesitate to contact us.


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