SMARTCHAIN is another of CONSOLE’s sister projects that we would like to publicize on our blog.

The SMARTCHAIN main objective ​​will be to stimulate demand-driven innovation in short, food supply chains to improve competitiveness and foster rural development using a multi-stakeholder approach.

The project is using an interactive innovation model in which all the actors involved in the project are working together to make the most of scientific and practical knowledge for the joint creation and dissemination of innovative solutions ready to solve practical problems.

(A supply chain involving a limited number of economic operators, committed to cooperation, local economic development, and close geographic and social relationships between food producers, processors, and consumers)

SMARTCHAIN’s 43 partners will evaluate 18 case studies of generalized short food supply chains with notable social, economic and ecological impacts on rural, peri-urban and urban communities in terms of innovation potential, consumer perspectives towards food supply chains short and general sustainability (environmental, economic and social).


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