green agreement in the EU

Farmers and Industry expect the support of science to reach a green agreement in the EU

One more time, the press in which is specialized special in agriculture issues, such as online magazine EUROACTIV, echoing the demands and needs of farmers in science is done to achieve a Green New Deal.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reformed, aim to transform the agricultural sector in Europe, guarantee that its food security of society and preserving the environment and human health; working to make the EU carbon neutral.

There is no doubt that climate neutrality will bring significant opportunities, such as the potential for economic growth, new business models, new forms of work and technological development”. Research, Development and innovation (RDi) will play a key role.

It’s not about money

Joanna Dupont- Inglis, general secretary of the European Association of Bioindustries (EuropaBio), told EURACTIV that the conversation around the CAP often discussed the provision of financial support to farmers.

However, it expects the development of pro-innovation policies that can stimulate sustainability in agriculture for the benefit of farmers, citizens and the environment, adding that the adoption of modern agricultural methods, such as the application of biotechnology.

Therefore, Dupont- Inglis said he hoped that the Commission “will do more to deliver practical and science-based rules for products resulting from agricultural biotechnology,” and especially stressing the importance of the Commission eliminating “scientifically unjustified regulatory requirements for transgenic crops “.

Read the EUROACTIV post.

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