Earthworm population as Agri-environmental Goods

Earthworm population as Agri-environmental Goods

PHYS.ORG Internet magazine has posted a research related to the improvement of Agri-environmental Goods in Rural Areas. Obviously, this research is closely related to the CONSOLE project.

This research carried out by the University of Cranfield (UK) led by Dr. Tom Storr, has shown that the use of cover crops to protect the soil and introduce organic matter increases the number of earthworms and provides financial savings for farmers.

The research assessed the impact of a mix of cover crops planted on a rotation of wheat, corn, and lettuce in lowland peat soils on a farm in Cambridgeshire between 2016 and 2019.

The earthworm population was three times higher after cover crop compared to a vegetation-free treatment of cover crops. What reduced tillage and cultivation costs (plowing and land preparation) also meant savings for the farm involved in the test.

According to Dr. Tom Storr, “Earthworm populations can be negatively affected by soil tillage, so by reducing the depth and intensity of tillage we can promote their communities to help soil structure, water infiltration, and nutrient availability “

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