EFFECT project
One of the objectives of the CONSOLE project is to publicize and establish relationships with all those projects that have
EUREKA project
Today's publication related to CONSOLE's sister project is aimed at raising awareness of the EUREKA project.
CONSOLE project and the provision of public goods
The CONSOLE project focuses on promoting agriculture and forestry delivery of public Agri-Environmental-Climate Goods (hereafter AECPG) through the development of
The importance of Agri-Environment Schemes
Several pressures as population growth, industrial activities and the increase of intensive agriculture from the twentieth century have considerably increased
Sister projects: LIFT
One of our objectives in the CONSOLE Project is promoting the exchange of information among the denominated “sister projects”. For
third project meeting
On March 19th, CONSOLE project partners held a conference call to replace the Third Project Meeting originally planned in Brussels
Janusz Wojciechowski
The purpose of this Blog post is to publicize the role and objectives of the European Commissioner of Agriculture, the
Bio-Based and Applied Economics
Bio-Based and Applied Economics, is an international scientific journal published by the IAEAA (Associazione Italiana di Economia Agraria ed Applicata).
Smart Farming - Digitilization of Agriculture & Vision for the new CAP
Date29 Jan 2020 (10:30 to 12:45)SectionAgriculture & FoodAddressEuropean Parliament  BRUSSELSEvent LocationBrusselsLinksMore Information On the 29th of January, IoF2020 & SmartAgriHubs will organise a high-level
green agreement in the EU
One more time, the press in which is specialized special in agriculture issues, such as online magazine EUROACTIV, echoing the