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Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut
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Dr. Norbert Röder

Dr. Norbert Röder

Senior researcher leading the agri-environmental group
of the Thünen Institute of Rural Studies

His work focuses on the assessment of CAP measures and their effects on land management, agricultural structures, greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity as well as their interactions. Current activities cover environmental aspects of the post-2020 CAP at EU and national level and the on-farm testing of various biodiversity measures. Furthermore, he is involved in the setting up of the German farmland biodiversity monitoring (MonVia).

Tania Runge

Dr. Tania Runge

Senior researcher

She has long-lasting experience on topics at the interface between agriculture and environmental protection. This includes the evaluation of agri-environmental schemes, the development of result-oriented approaches and practical implementation of measures in agricultural landscapes.