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In the CONSOLE project we have developed a great Dissemination and Communication Strategy whose objective is to serve as a training plan for activities related to raising awareness, informing stakeholders and disseminating the results of the CONSOLE project.

Console Webpage

Console Webpage

The objective of this plan is to ensure that the project has a structured and streamlined approach to communicating about the project using various tools. The plan will also describe the upcoming tasks and how the project is expected to be exploited.

To achieve the proposed objectives, we have not only designed a page (which includes logos, type of letters, corporate colours, etc.) that facilitates user navigation, but we have also developed a complete digital marketing strategy.

One of the keys to the communication and dissemination strategy is the use of the blog on the website, where we regularly publish publications that, semi-automatically, are published on social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).

You can consult te deliverable 6.1 by clicking here.

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