Flora Amery, from ELO
Once again, the CONSOLE project has had space in the specialized media, as is the case of the CountrySide magazine
The implications of the Farm-to-Fork strategy for agriculture and the CAP
The European Parliament's Department of Structural and Cohesion Policies has developed an in-depth analysis of the possible implications of the
Contracts 2.0
If there is any project that is closely related to the CONSOLE project, it is the Contracts 2.0 project. What
Guidelines for the basic description of contractual solutions that aim to deliver agri-environmental and climatic public goods by agriculture and forestry
The partners of the CONSOLE project want to present you with one of the basic documents of the project: "Guidelines
Climate Change is causing summers to be hotter, storms more severe and periods of prolonged drought to appear. This environmental
RECAP holds in Serbia its sixth consortium meeting
Feeding more than 7,000 million people in the world (Woldmeter) has become a challenging task for the governments of the
In the CONSOLE project we have developed a great Dissemination and Communication Strategy whose objective is to serve as a
LIAISON is an EU-funded ‘research and innovation’ project
As every Wednesday, in the CONSOLE project we want to present another sister project. On this occasion we present the
Catalogue of descriptive factsheets of all European case studies
On the blog of the CONSOLE project we want to present the Deliverable D2.1 “Catalogue of descriptive factsheets of all
World Environment Day
On June 5th, World Environment Day is celebrated, with the aim of sensitizing the world population to environmental issues, also