Overview of main contract types
During these months, in the CONSOLE project we are making known the 58 case studies, from 13 European countries (2
Case Studies
In principle, CONSOLE case studies are examples of existing, innovative and effective contract solutions aimed at improving the provision of
Conservation of grasslands and meadows of high natural value through support for local livelihoods
Summary The agri-environmental measures are maintaining pastures and meadows, by mowing in a timetable throughout the year and limited mowing,
pérdida alimentos
The European Commission has launched a European Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste (FLW), which is made up of
solutions can enhance water quality
Today on the CONSOLE website, we want to share more experiences from the case studies. In this case: Solutions can
Improved Solutions
We have just uploaded a new deliverable to the CONSOLE project website that we think will be very useful for
Summary 10 private landowners set up a specific association OVML vzw (Ontwikkeling Vijvergebied Midden-Limburg vzw) for participating together to a
EU fight against climate change
There is no doubt that Climate Change is changing the way of life of humanity. The last two decades have
increase biodiversity in forests
Learn from 3 European CONSOLE contract solutions!  LV4-Forest Management - Education areasLV4_CONSOLE.pdfFI6-Nature value bargaining (Luonnonarvokauppa)FI6_CONSOLE.pdfDE6-Forest conversion from coniferous to deciduous
Summary Under the ALMO brand, a meat processing company, a foundation for animal welfare, and 400 farmers, organised in an